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Stressless Upholstery:

Way back in Norway in 1934, Stressless commenced furniture manufacture with just 3 employees. Today the outfit has grown slightly becoming a household name with international reach and an employee base exceeding 1500 Stressless products offer clean lines and proportions synonymous with Scandinavian design. When you buy Stressless, rest assured that you are buying a quality product with quality fillings and a quality finish. These unique swivel chairs offer comfort with a distinctly modern twist. Shop at Southons of Salisbury.
Stressless Arion19
Stressless Arion19 High Back
Stressless Arion19 Low Back
Stressless Aura Large Classic Base
Stressless Aura Large Signature Base
Stressless Aura Medium Classic Base
Stressless Aura Medium Signature Base
Stressless Aura Small Clasic Base
Stressless Aura Small Signature Base
Stressless Aurora
Stressless Breeze
Stressless Buckingham High Back
Stressless C012
Stressless Consul Large Classic Base
Stressless Consul Large Signature Base
Stressless Consul Medium Classic Base
Stressless Consul Medium Signature Base
Stressless Consul Small Classic Base
Stressless Consul Small Signature Base
Stressless Dover Large Clasic Base
Stressless Dover Large Signature Base
Stressless Dover Medium Clasic Base
Stressless Dover Medium Signature Base
Stressless Dover Small Clasic Base
Stressless Dover Small Signature Base
Stressless Eldorado High Back
Stressless Emma
Stressless Legend High Back
Stressless London High Back
Stressless London With Adjustable Head Rest
Stressless Magic Large Classic Base
Stressless Magic Large Signature Base
Stressless Magic Medium Classic Base
Stressless Magic Medium Signature Base
Stressless Magic Small Classic Base
Stressless Magic Small Signature Base
Stressless Mayfair Large Classic Base
Stressless Mayfair Large Signature Base
Stressless Mayfair Medium Classic Base
Stressless Mayfair Medium Signature Base
Stressless Mayfair Small Classic Base
Stressless Mayfair Small Signature Base
Stressless Metro High Back
Stressless Metro With Adjustable Headrest
Stressless Ottomans
Stressless Reno Large Classic Base
Stressless Reno Large Signature Base
Stressless Reno Medium Classic Base
Stressless Reno Medium Signature Base
Stressless Reno Small Classic Base
Stressless Reno Small Signature Base
Stressless Saga High Back
Stressless Saga Wood High Back
Stressless Stella
Stressless Tables
Stressless Tokyo High Back
Stressless Tokyo With Adjustable Head Rest
Stressless View Large Classic Base
Stressless View Large Signature Base
Stressless View Medium Classic Base
Stressless View Medium Signature Base
Stressless View Small Classic Base
Stressless View Small Signature Base
Stressless Wave High Back
Stressless Wave Low Back
Stressless Windsor High Back
Stressless Windsor Low Back

Pages includes: Magic Large Signature Base, Mayfair Medium Signature Base, Consul Medium Classic Base, Reno Small Classic Base, Dover Small Clasic Base, Dover Large Clasic Base, Reno Large Classic Base, Dover Medium Clasic Base, View Medium Signature Base, View Medium Classic Base, London High Back, London With Adjustable Head Rest, Tokyo High Back, Tokyo With Adjustable Head Rest, Consul Small Classic Base, Buckingham High Back, Stella, Consul Large Classic Base, C012, Wave Low Back, Mayfair Large Signature Base, View Large Classic Base, View Large Signature Base, View Small Classic Base, View Small Signature Base, Windsor High Back, Arion19 Low Back, Metro High Back, Reno Large Signature Base, Reno Medium Signature Base, Reno Small Signature Base, Windsor Low Back, Consul Large Signature Base, Aurora, Consul Medium Signature Base, Mayfair Large Classic Base, Aura Medium Signature Base, Magic Large Classic Base, Aura Small Signature Base, Aura Large Signature Base, Dover Large Signature Base, Dover Medium Signature Base, Dover Small Signature Base, Breeze, Emma, Legend High Back, Ottomans, Aura Large Classic Base, Aura Medium Classic Base, Aura Small Clasic Base, Mayfair Medium Classic Base, Consul Small Signature Base, Saga High Back, Magic Small Classic Base, Tables, Saga Wood High Back, Magic Medium Classic Base, Arion19, Magic Small Signature Base, Mayfair Small Signature Base, Eldorado High Back, Reno Medium Classic Base, Magic Medium Signature Base, Arion19 High Back, Mayfair Small Classic Base, Wave High Back & Metro With Adjustable Headrest.


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